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Consider This...Self Promoter

There are at least two types of activists in the world: activists that are truly promoting an agenda or cause, and activists that are using the cause to promote themselves.

This week I saw a classic example of the latter.  

Tuesday, a San Antonio man filed a lawsuit against the president of the American Museum of Agriculture here in Lubbock. He claims that the president, Dan Taylor, violated the law by having two mules killed and professionally stuffed for use in an exhibit.

He wants the mules removed from the museum and given a proper burial.

Consider this:

Whether you are for or against what the museum is doing with the mules, let me add some perspective to this story.

The man suing over the mules is a political activist. He also has a history of filing what I am calling baseless and silly lawsuits. Like the time he sued two separate cities over nativity scenes.

The president of the ag museum has quite the opposite reputation. Dan Taylor is a long-time member of the Lubbock community, has been a devoted teacher, a successful businessman, and a major leader in local agriculture.

This other guy has no vested interest in Lubbock or the ag museum. He is simply trying to capitalize on a hot button issue to draw attention to himself.

Even the "Save The Lubbock Mules" group is calling this man "famously litigious." They say they do not support this lawsuit in any way.

I hope the judge agrees and sees this for what it is: individual self promotion. 

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