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Charity the dog has life saved thanks to donations


Last Saturday we brought you a story about Charity the dog. She is a one-year-old boxer mix that needed heart surgery to repair a faulty valve. Her foster mother and the Humane Society of West Texas were trying to raise $3600 as soon as they could to save Charity's life.

The good news is the money has been raised. Donations came in from as far away as California and Charity will begin the process to get her surgery next week. Her foster mother will drive her down to College Station on Monday, and she will spend the night in the hospital before getting the surgery done. Charity will spend the rest of the week recovering and be back in Lubbock ready to be adopted the next weekend. She will have no side effects from her surgery and will be her active self once she returns.

There is one secret hero that played the biggest role in saving Charity's life. An anonymous donor gave a $2,200.00 check to help Charity. Her foster mother described the phone call.

"They called and said, ‘How much do you need for Charity to get the surgery?' I thought about it because we had just raised $1400.00 on Facebook and I said well we need around $2000.00. He said, ‘I don't want to give a lump sum I want to know the exact number you need.' So I did the math and the next day they showed up to my house with a $2,200 check and we were able to plan the surgery."

The operation has to take place in College Station because no vet in Lubbock could accommodate Charity's needs and Texas A&M gave a large discount.

Those interested in adopting Charity can contact the Humane Society of West Texas.

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