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Tuber-ville campers ready for rain, cold overnight


Cold weather is expected to take hold of Lubbock over the weekend, but the students camped out in Tuber-ville are ready for it.

"We love Tech football. We're willing to stand in the rain and the cold and just sleep out here," said Tuber-ville resident Ryan Hildebrand. 

Ryan is doing everything he can to keep warm.

"I just brought all the clothes I have and I'm spooning with five guys in my tent. It's just so cold. Last night I didn't sleep at all, but it's totally worth it. Tonight's probably going to be worse, but whatever - sleep when you're dead."

Students at Tuber-ville get first choice of seats once the stadium is open. It's not always easy, but campers feel like it's worth it.

 "It's going to be rowdy. It's going to be crazy out here and after the game. Everyone's going to be going nuts. I can only imagine what Raider-ville or Tuber-ville or Camping-ville or whatever students are going to do for next week will be like. Everyone's just pumped."

Tuber-ville may be in for a rough night, but Red Raider athletics has donated games, heaters and provided some food.

But how will they pass the time?

"Studying," Ryan said. "I'm just hitting the books, because there's time for fun and then there's time to be a collegiate professional so that's what I'm here for."

Texas Tech outside receiver coach Tommy Mainord delivered some pizzas that were purchased by Tommy Tuberville on Friday afternoon. He said the team loves the support that Tuber-ville students give the team.

"It's fantastic. That's the one thing about Lubbock, Texas and Texas Tech - the support that you get from these fans and from these students. When the kids get out of class and walk over here to work out, it's just great for those guys to see..."

Coach Mainord wants one thing from the fans this weekend: "Be loud, that's what we need. We need all the support we can get. It's going to be sold out, it's going to be exciting, so let's get loud. Let's cheer our home team and let's go get the win."

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