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Plainview Man Accused of Stabbing Wife to Death

Two out of Plainview's last three murders have been the result of domestic violence. Damon and Josephine Gonzales were about to become divorced.  One wanted it to end, the other did not. Damon's father, Ubaldo explains, "He still wanted to be with her to be in contact with her so they could get back together."

Ubaldo says his son became very depressed after his wife, Josephine, filed for a divorce. Shortly after, the relationship would come to a permanent end. Captain Michael Carroll of the Plainveiw Police Department says, "We received a 9-1-1 call early Saturday morning around 12:30 a.m., a domestic distrubance at the 1600 North Date housing complex."

When police arrived at 1601 North Date Street, they found a bloodied Damon Gonzalez.  His wife Josephine was dead behind the wheel of her car. The couple got into an argument when she came to pick up the children after work.  Police say that's when Damon went inside and grabbed a large knife. Captain Carroll says, "(He stabbed her) several times.  I'm not exactly sure how many.  More than ten."

The estranged couple had five children together, ages three to thirteen.. The children were with Damon's brother at the time of the murder. Damon's dad, who also lives at the Date Street apartment, believes Damon planned it that way, that Damon knew what he was going to do. Now Ubaldo is alone, left knowing his son is behind bars and worrying he may never see his five grandchildren again. Ubaldo says, "I feel bad. I feel real bad. My life it's destroyed. It was a family I was watching grow up and now I'm alone and sad."

Damon Gonzalez remains in the Hale County Jail on $250,000 bond. He is charged with Plainview's first murder of the year, the town's fifth in as many years.  He didn't have any prior convictions in Plainview but did have a criminal record in Lamb County on charges un-related to domestic violence.

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