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Lubbock abortion protestors turn out for 'Respect Life Sunday'


A crowd of about 300 people were out at Indiana and 67th Street on Sunday afternoon to give their support to "Respect Life Sunday" - a day for abortion opponents who wish to support life and bring an end to abortions.

Respect Life Sunday happens every year on the first Sunday in October.

"Every year we're out here and everyone's welcome to come out and pray with us," said Jose Mora. He is a member of Our Lady of Guadeloupe church and helped to organize the event. He says he prays to give women hope.

"It's really a prayer to give women hope to seek other options. You know there's adoption out there, or maybe just to give them the encouragement to have the child," Mora said.

Rocky Humphries and his wife Maria drove from Lorenzo to come to the protest. He feels our country is headed down a bad path.

"Our country is going the same path as Nazi Germany," Humphries said. "These Planned Parenthoods, all it is, is a death camp. These children are alive. They have a heartbeat to them and all this murder is going on in our country. 50 million murders since 1973 and our country is more guilty than Nazi Germany. What happened in Nazi Germany after WWII? Their country was split in half. It was a curse. That's going to happen to our country if we don't stop it right now."

Rocky believes we need to recognize that we're wrong and turn to God for help and forgiveness.

"We can't point our finger at the Iraqis or the Muslims. The guilt is right here in our own country.  We need to repent to God and God will help us. These clinics will be closed, not by our power, but by the power of God," Rocky said.

Lawrence D'Souza is the executive director and founder of Nurturing Center. His building is right next door to Planned Parenthood. He says his goal is to help women realize how special life is.

 "We provide individually tailored assistance through compassionate, practical resources. In other words, CPR. The sign at the end of the street shows a dead end," he said. "Our central focus is the fact that there's a baby and we can prove it to this mother who needs assistance to choose life."

The Nurturing Center offers help to expectant mothers at no cost to them and supplies everything they will need for their baby. They also offer counseling sessions and brochures to allow mothers to make an informed decision before choosing whether or not to abort a child.  

"Since we moved here two years ago we've been able to help 83 mothers. We're currently serving 53 mothers who will give birth between now and probably the end of the year," D'Souza said.

Harvey Madison is a civil liberties activist. He believes the decision to have an abortion needs to be made by the woman who is getting it.

"Having the choice to make a medically safe decision about that for yourself should be the choice of that woman or girl. If possible in consultation with parents, ministers, doctor - but ultimately it has to be her decision," Madison said.

He says that the option to have an abortion in a safe environment saves lives.

"This generation isn't aware of the time when abortion was outlawed. Before Roe v. Wade came along. women and girls who were desperate, girls who were unmarried teenagers and knew they would get beaten if their parents found out they were pregnant had to go to the closet and pull out a coat hanger or go to a back alley abortionist," Madison said.

Madison says organizations like Planned Parenthood do a lot more than just conduct abortions. "80 or 90 percent of Planned Parenthood is doing pap smears, cancer screenings - all kind of health issues. Women who can't afford health care otherwise go to Planned Parenthood and get those services."

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