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Commissioners to discuss alcohol sales ban


Lubbock County Commissioners approved a resolution to restrict alcohol sales near Lubbock-Cooper ISD today. The school district asked commissioners to implement a state law that restricts the sale of alcohol within 300 feet of a hospital, church or school.

"The education code requires us to have a safe environment for our schools... We just don't feel that having alcohol this close is in the best interest of our students," Superintendent Pat Henderson said.

The issue came before the school board when they learned Stripes Convenience Stores had their eye on a piece of land on Woodrow Rd, just west of Highway 87. When the board brought it to Precinct One County Commissioner Bill McCay, he realized Stripes had already pulled it's plans to build on that location.

"The company had already decided to relocate because of an overpass being built on the Tahoka Highway and Woodrow Rd and the public wouldn't have access to their property," McCay said.

The overpass is not scheduled to begin construction in the near future, but it did prompt Stripes to consider other locations. Despite Stripes backing out, Cooper ISD decided to go through with the resolution in efforts to protect their 2,200 students in three students in the county.

"We're growing obviously. we've built four additional schools inside the city limits and it's just something that even though they're not continuing with their plans of building a stripes there, we just want to make sure no one else come in and puts a facility there," Henderson said.

Lubbock-Cooper Middle School and High School are within the three hundred foot radius. Stripes is considering other locations in the area, just not within the restricted area.

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