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Lena Scaff Pays It Forward: 10/08/12


This week, we hit the streets in East Lubbock searching for our next playmaker. We set up at the intersection of 26th Street and Fir. 

Several cars pass us by, but we finally spot Lena Scaff walking up the street towards us. Lena works for United Way and a co-worker spotted us on the corner alerting her to come and see us. 

Lena has seen Pay It Forward several times and has a co-worker in mind right away.  Lena has chosen Jackie Rutherford.

Jackie is Program Director at Early Learning Centers of Lubbock. Lena tells us that she wants to return a favor to Jackie.

Jackie hired Lena nearly 22 years ago when Lena was in need of a job. Lena never forgot how much that meant to her and her family. 

When she saw our sign, she knew that Jackie could use the help and that it would be a good opportunity to return the favor that was shown to her years ago.

We drive to Early Learning Centers where we find Jackie and her co-workers in the office.  Jackie is totally surprised and in tears. Jackie says that the money will help her pay bills and that she would put the money to good use.

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon! You may become our next playmaker!!

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