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Lubbock voters race to register by Tuesday deadline


With the election countdown standing at less than a month now, the last day for Texans to register to vote is upon us. Many people were seen all over Lubbock County Tuesday rushing to make sure their voices are heard come November 6.

"I feel like as Americans, we have to vote, because leaving it up to others, is not ok," Alexis Ochoa, 18, said.

Ochoa headed to the Elections Office Tuesday to register for the first time. She says, many people her age don't realize the importance of voting.

"A few of my college friends, I asked them if they we going to come register and they said no," Ochoa said.

Glenn Parham wanted to make sure his college-aged daughters weren't wasting there vote and signed them up today.

"I didn't want them to miss out on being a part of history. Either way they decide to vote, they can at least say, I participated," Parham said.

Dorothy Kennedy with the Lubbock County Elections Office expected at least one thousand new voters to be registered Tuesday. Adding to the 154,000 voters that are already registered in the county.

"We've seen an increase in traffic flow, lots of phone calls coming in wanting to check if their registered. People were even lined up this morning when we opened at seven," Kennedy said.

She believes more voters are coming out because they are realizing that every ballot cast makes a difference.

"Every vote does count and all the voters need to realize that their votes count," Kennedy said.

Lubbock residents that may not have made Tuesday's cutoff may still be able to cast their vote, however, it will be a provisional ballot. For more information, visit or you can call the elections office at (806) 775-1339.

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