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A famous spokesperson helps support the home HIV test

We told you yesterday that Walgreens is the first to provide an HIV test you can take at home. Guess who signed on today as the spokesperson for the test?  It was Magic Johnson.  Back in 1991, the basketball superstar abruptly announced his retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers after learning he was HIV positive. Since then, he has been an advocate for safe sex and AIDS prevention.

The 40 dollar home test, called "OraQuick", uses an oral swab and gives you an answer in about 20 minutes.  It's the same screening tool that has been used in doctor's offices for about 10 years.

By the way, you can still get this test for free in some clinics.  StarCare, for example, will send someone to your home to make it more private.  But this is the first time you can buy the test and take it at home on your own.

Again, it's available only at Walgreens to anyone over age 17.

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