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HealthWise at Five: Veterans Resource Coordination Group

Service member transitions from active duty to civilian life can be challenging for a number of reasons.  Veterans Resource Coordination Group or VRCG offers current programs for any veterans needing help adjusting or coping with Post Traumatic Stress.  Below lists a few bullet points that VRCG is here to help you with.  For more information, just go to

  • Difficult to go home again – deployments and especially combat deployments change you
  • "Battle-mindset" works for survival in combat; it can be self-defeating in the transition to civilian life
  • The U.S. military spends a large amount of time and money preparing military personnel for war, but only a small fraction of that preparing them to return to civilian life; although the Transition Assistance Program is changing, it doesn't address many of the needs for veterans
  • Our government cannot provide all of the support our veterans need; therefore,a community based effort is required to fill in the gaps
  • The VRCG was formed as a South Plains community based organization to connect veterans to the resources they need to be successful in the next phase of their lives

Current programs available to returning South Plains veterans

  • Veterans transition class – for anyone who has separated from the service and moved to our area in the last year.  Next scheduled for November 15th
  • Transition class will allow veterans to get acquainted with the VRCG and resources available in the local area
  • VRCG will help veterans develop a plan for success – planning is key!
  • Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) onset may not occur for several months after a veterans transition; resources to assist the veteran are available locally
  • Task Force Lubbock is now forming – a veteran oriented community service group that allows veterans to network with each other and provide community service – our motto is "Continuing to Serve"

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