Maj. G.E. Doug Douglass, a Hometown Hero

92-year old G.E. Doug Douglass will always be remembered as the life of the party. However, not many things were more important to Douglass than his country. Mike Howell lived next to Douglass for 42 years.

"He'll be remembered for his patriotism. He was a true blooded American and believed in the American way," Howell said.

That's why Douglass enlisted in the Army in 1938 while he was a student at Texas A&M University. At that time, all Aggies were required to be in the service. Douglass' son Ken remembers the stories his father would tell him.

"A month before he was about to graduate with his degree, of course he was already in the Army, Pearl Harbor was hit," Ken Douglass said.

The day after Douglass graduated, he reported for duty. He then spent the next four years sleeping in fox holes and fighting on the frontline's across Europe.

"It's hard to go to bed every night and your feet are wet and you're living in a hole. We don't understand that," Ken Douglass said.

His war memories were ones he carried with him his entire life. That's why it was fitting that Douglass spent his last days in Washington D.C. on the South Plains Honor Flight, visiting the memorials that were built to honor his bravery and sacrifice.

When he returned home, he told his son Ken it was the trip of a lifetime. Just days later, this member of the Greatest Generation, passed away in his sleep.

"Probably the most honored he'd ever been, a true honor. He died 48 hours after the trip was over and I promise you, he died so peacefully, I know he was dreaming about the trip," Ken Douglass said.

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