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Five injured in Depot District shooting


Five people are recovering after a shooting and dispute at Club Melt Restaurant and Lounge.

Melt's co-owner, Brent Murray says five men came into Melt around 12:30 Thursday morning. Murray says he saw four to five black males and that the men did not fit the demographic of the lounge.

"They came in and didn't really fit our description or demographic. But we can't really refuse service since they had their ID. Our normal crowd is about 27 to 40 on Salsa Night," Murray said.

Not long after the men came in, did a woman report her purse missing to security. Security found the group of men in the bathroom with the woman's purse in the trash can.

"We asked them to leave and brought them outside to our east alley way, they were maybe inside for five to ten minutes," Murray said.

Murray says the men refused to leave, so security had to use force. The argument between security and the suspects continued out into the alley behind Melt.

"They kept trying to come inside. They said they didn't do anything wrong, but we said they had to leave," Murray said.

While the dispute was going on, one of the suspects went to his car and grabbed a gun. When he returned, he began to fire on the crowd.

Three people were shot, including one man who was a regular at the club and two security guards. Two others were injured in the altercation. The victims were taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries. Police say none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Melt's head of Security, Rob Biggers says his staff handled the situation flawlessly.

"They did whatever they thought was necessary and I can assure you that whatever they did was necessary. We have the best team in Lubbock, Texas," Bigger said.

He believes if it weren't for the way his team reacted, the situation could have ended in tragedy.

"I think those guys were looking to cause trouble in the club and I think that if they didn't get those guys outside, there would have been trouble inside. And there's a lot more targets in there," Bigger said.

No arrests have been made in the shooting and right now police have no suspects. If you have any information on what happened, police are asking you to call crime line at 741-1000.

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