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The dangers of not properly disposing medication

Many cases of prescription drug overdose are because unwanted medications are improperly stored at home.  Disposing of unwanted and unused prescriptions could end up saving a life.  However, it can be dangerous to flush them or just throw them in the garbage.  

Sgt. Jennifer Johnson is in charge of the medicine disposal box, but it's more than a job, it's a personal mission.  "You never think that it affects your family, but I have a 19 year old nephew that he and his friends decided to take some prescription pills that didn't belong to them. They cut them into thirds, and each one took a piece.  They were drinking alcohol with it, and unfortunately my nephew went to bed and didn't wake back up."

The CDC says prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem, partly because they're so easy to get from the medicine cabinet at their house or a friend's house.  Here in Lubbock, we have a prescription drug drop off site twice a year...thanks to the folks at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.   As a reminder, you don't want to flush away drugs because we don't want that drug residue to contaminate our water supply.

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