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The Sunbeam Mosquito Repeller: Does It Work?

Swatting hungry mosquitos won't keep them away. Sometimes insect repellents are not an option for people. This battery powered product called the Sunbeam Mosquito Repeller is chemical free and rids mosquitos through electrostatic sounds. It costs under ten bucks, but Does It Work?

This week for Does It Work, we thought we'd test the Sunbeam Mosquito Repeller under extreme conditions. We went to the Yellowhouse Canyon just off of 19th street. To my left we've got a dingy creek. I am standing in tall grass which is perfect nesting ground for blood sucking mosquitos.

Even though I had rolled up my sleeves and pants, I was getting bit. But my photographer, Albert Belez was under attack. Albert put together the Sunbeam Mosquito Repeller and if you listened closely, you could hear a high pitch electrostatic sound.

After that, it appeared to be working all right. But after wrestling up the nest, Albert found himself getting bit once again. The repeller was not scaring the mosquitos away, even when he was holding the repeller as close.

This product clearly did not work for us, more than likely it will not work for you. The Sunbeam Mosquito Repeller Doesn't Work.

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