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South Lubbock Neighborhood Overrun by Ant Army

It was a scene out of a sci-fi movie. "Never seen nothing like it," said Jason Cody. Randy Westbrook's house? "It's covered up man, its covered up," said Randy.

Ants. Thousands of them. Swarming in around noon, forming a living doormat at the wWestbrook household. "What do you do?," wondered Westbrook. Neighbor Don Hunnicut had an idea. "We're going to spray some ants," he said. Bravely entering battle with some stuff he found in the garage. "Ortho Home Defense. You need that stuff," said NewsChannel 11. "Yeah, we need a whole lot I think," he said.

Meanwhile, three miles away. "Look at this?," said Richard Gorostiza. "Whoa, you got bit?," asked NewsChannel 11. "They bit everybody here man," he said. His house was under attack as well. Ever had this happen before? "Never have, first time I ever seen this," he said.

His son Anthony was taking them out the old fashioned way. "They were in my sister's car," he said.

Back at the Westbrook's it looked like Don brought a knife to a gun fight. "You're just making them mad Don!," laughed NewsChannel 11. "I think so," he chuckled.

At the Gorostiza's it was mostly cleanup work after a professional took out the invaders, well, most of them.

The showdown continued at the Westbrook's. Valiant Don bringing out the fogger. His efforts mostly in vain.

According to experts, the Harvester ants activity was triggered by recent rains and balmy temps. A yearly ritual in which they try to form new colonies. But not at the Gorostiza household. The only thing the colonized there was a trash bag.

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