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Lubbock Mayor offers to cut personal staff to save money


Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson made a move to limit taxpayer spending Monday after City Council approved a $200,000 budget amendment Thursday.

The 5 to 2 vote, opposed by Mayor Glen Robertson and Councilwoman Karen Gibson, included 3 additional City jobs; two Auditors and an Administrative Assistant.

Mayor Robertson eliminated the Mayor's Executive Assistant position Monday. In a Monday Facebook post, he wrote, "I cannot in good conscience be a part of adding another position when we do not have enough work for the staff we currently have." 

Mayor Robertson said he will ask the receptionist to help assist with calls and scheduling.

"I'm hopeful that this will satisfy the Council's perceived need for additional help and at the same time not put an extra tax burden on our citizens," said Mayor Robertson.

Although the majority of Council members supported the additional Auditor positions, some like Councilman Jim Gerlt did not agree with bringing on another Assistant for City Council.

"I will be supporting this motion because I think we need the auditors and I'm swallowing the pill on the Administrative assistants," said Gerlt, "but we could probably use her if we get one."

However, Councilman Victor Hernandez supported all aspects of the amendment and embraced the 3 additional positions with open arms. Hernandez named off 5 current projects, including the North University project and ongoing zoning cases that needed the assistance of staff support.

"Sarah, who is the Administrative Assistant, I've asked her to sit in on those meetings so she knows what's going on. Whether it's another meeting schedule, whether it's putting together a timeline, whether it's getting information from City staff, she knows from the very get-go about what is going on," said Hernandez.

City Council approved the amendment after no opposition was made during the budget passage.

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