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Lubbock Co. political parties make final push


With the second of three presidential debates looming, Lubbock Republicans and Democrats alike are hoping their candidates shine. Both parties have made significant efforts to get people registered and on their side.

Kenny Ketner is the chairman of the Lubbock County Democratic Party. He says they are doing whatever they can to win voters over in the last 21 days.

"The Lubbock County Democrats and other clubs have done a really good job at registering new voters," Ketner said.

Ketner estimates their efforts have brought in 1,000 new voters in recent weeks.

"We tell them that Texas is not as red as it seems. The demographics are there and the issues are there for sure to become a blue state in the next ten years," Ketner said.

However, Texas republicans are confident the Lone Star State will stay red. That's why Lubbock County Republican Party Chain Carl Tepper says they're doing their part to help other states out.

"The Lubbock County Republican Party is rather famous for sending strike forces. We're solidly republican, so we send some of our best volunteers to help phone bank and knock on doors in swing states and other areas," Tepper said.

Along with these efforts, the parties rely on the debates to get their candidates message out, straight from the horses mouth.

"Tonight's debate should be pretty lively, it's a town hall format. President Obama has some natural advantages there because he's very good at connecting with regular people," Ketner said.

"We're hoping that our candidate can push through like he did in the first one," Tepper said.

Early voting begins Monday, October 22nd. For locations or more information, please visit,

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