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Consider This...Budget Amendments

Last week, five members of the Lubbock City Council voted to amend the budget and use two hundred thousand dollar in surplus sales tax money. They are using that money to add positions to city administration. One councilwomen and the mayor voted against it.

The mayor was right to point out that if we are going to add to the payroll, it should be for additional health inspectors, police officers, and other city service personnel, not bureaucrats, and I agree.

So for the record, here's how the vote breaks down:

Mayor Robertson and Councilwoman Karen Gibson voted not to add the positions.

Councilwoman Latrell Joy , Councilmen Victor Herndandez, Jim Gerlt, Todd Klein, and Floyd Price all voted to add these positions and expenses.

Consider this:

If these positions were so important, why were they proposed in a budget amendment instead of when the budget was actually approved last month? That's my problem here, and that's how government continues to grow, one budget amendment at a time. Budget amendments should only be presented when unexpected needs arise, not when the city gets a surplus of sales tax revenue. I say ask for it up front or wait until next year.

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