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Studies show the benefits of taking multi-vitamins

If you're a believer in vitamins, you're going to love this study. Finally, the first long term, large scale randomized trial of multi-vitamins proves that if you're taking're smart because there is some benefit in reducing your risk of cancer.

For a decade, this study followed nearly 15,000 men over age 50.  Researchers found an eight percent reduced risk of cancer overall in those men.

Dr. Michael Gaziano said, "the main reason for taking a multivitamin is still to prevent deficiency - vitamin and mineral deficiencies - however our data suggest there may be a benefit in terms of preventing cancer, at least in middle age or older men."

The study also found no harm done in other words.  You get the benefit from taking a multi-vitamin every day with no dangerous side effects. There was just one cancer in which the vitamin routine appeared to have no impact, and that's prostate cancer.

The study in the journal of the American Medical Association says you can't beat an overall risk reduction in all other cancers just by taking one multi-vitamin a day.

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