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State of the art theater to open next week


It has been a long wait, but Premiere Cinemas is finally set to open next Friday, and moviegoers won't be disappointed.

"I think that when people in Lubbock actually see these really nice amenities that we have they're going to be very pleased and happy that Premiere Cinemas is in their town," said Premiere Cinemas vice president of operations Joel Davis.

"This is a great market for us to be in. It has so much going on with Texas Tech University and the people are so nice and warm," he added.

Premiere has 16 total viewing rooms, 15 normal theaters and one IMAX screen. They also offer a viewing technology that is new to Lubbock called D-Box seats.

"It's motion seating and actually gives you that 4-D experience," said Davis.

"We have one auditorium with 24 chairs. You get to pick the chair that you want sit in so it's reserved seating and the chair moves with the movie you're watching. For instance, in ‘Fast and Furious' when they hit the brakes you feel the brakes and you feel the rumble of the car."

Premiere has a contract with D-Box that makes them the only theater allowed to have the D-Box technology in Lubbock.

Premiere will also feature a wide selection of food that people can choose from and take inside the theaters during their movies.

"We have all of the favorite snacks that we used to get, which would be popcorn and sodas. We have your favorite candy that will take you back to when you were a kid," said Davis with a large smile on his face.

"We also brought in Starbucks so we have your favorite frappachino down at the end of the counter. We also have Blue Bell ice cream that's hand dipped, fresh cotton candy, nachos and pickles."

Along with the concessions counters, Premiere Cinemas will have two bars where moviegoers 21 and over can buy drinks and relax before they go and see their movie or take their drinks with them inside the theater.

One bar is called "The Scene Bistro Grill" and it's located underneath the IMAX. Inside, there are pictures of famous movie stars past and present lining the walls, a fire place, flat screen TV and lounge seating. The second bar is located upstairs in a section that is 18 and over. It is a full service restaurant with 122 seats and serves hamburgers, pizza, quesadillas and desserts. The upstairs area is decorated with comic art and a large mural depicting famous movie scenes and one very excited child sitting in a chair taking it all in.

Movie ticket prices will be competitive with the other theaters in Lubbock. It will be $9.00 for adults, $6.00 for children, students and seniors, $17.00 for D-Box and $15.00 for IMAX adult tickets. Any movie before 6:00 pm is $6.25 for adults, children and seniors. Tickets are already available on Premiere Cinemas web site,, and can be bought online, at the box office or even while you're buying food.

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