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Consider This...I set the record for the budget amendment straight

I misspoke earlier this week when I said it was the City Manager who proposed a $200,000 budget amendment for three new administrative jobs.

So to set the record straight, It was not the City Manager's idea, it was newly elected Councilwoman Latrell Joy who requested the additional positions.

I'll also remind you, for the record,  that I said growing government with administrative positions is a bad idea for Lubbock, especially through budget amendments.

Consider this:

Knowing now it was an elected official proposing to spend more of your tax dollars, let's break it down. The three positions that passed on a split vote were for two internal auditors and an assistant to City Council members.  

I've done a little checking and found out that the City Manager said from the beginning the two internal auditors were unnecessary.

I was also told that the current staff assigned to assist City Council members doesn't have enough work to stay busy as it is.

And now that the mayor has offered up his personal executive assistant to help the others, this new assistant appears to be even more unnecessary.

So not withstanding my political opinion about growing government at the top, we are now doing it without the recommendation of the person hired to manage the city.

Which makes this idea twice as bad.  

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