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Citizens voice their opinions at Imagine Lubbock Together

Big decisions were made Thursday night about the future of the Hub City. Imagine Lubbock Together hosted their Vision Summit at the Civic Center and 1,000 people gathered to voice their opinions.

Last month, Imagine Lubbock Together hosted meetings asking for the communities input and ideas on how to make Lubbock a better place. Over 2,000 ideas came in and were compiled for the summit. Councilwoman Karen Gibson was excited to see such a large turnout from the community.

"It's exciting to see people wanting to get involved and needing to get involved," Gibson said.

The topics ranged from education, to beautifying the city and everything in between. 25 questions were asked to the group and the answers were left completely up to them.

"It's coming from the citizen, up. And not from city hall, down. So I think it's very important," Gibson said.

However, the voting wasn't done in the traditional way. Attendee's were given keypads to type in their answers and the results were seen on the screen almost instantaneously. Imagine Lubbock Together's Co-chair, Connie Wharton was thrilled to have this technology apart of the process.

"You ask the question and right away you see the answer. Everything is captured in real time," Wharton said.

There were some issues on the docket that came out on top.

"Downtown is very important, the Canyon Lakes are very important, the entrance to the city was very important," Wharton said.

A lot of promise for the Hub City was discussed and committee members assured us that these ideas won't be swept under the rug.

"That's the nice thing about this, it's a living document. So people are going to be held accountable for the process," Gibson said.

The last time a plan for the city was made was 1995. ACP Visioning and Planning was responsible for the technology used at the event. They will compile the information and it will be available to the public next week. The next phase of Imagine Lubbock Together is a Design Workshop and that will be held December 1st-5th at the Pioneer Hotel.

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