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Plainview band sets state record with 75th consecutive division 1 rating


The Plainview band set a state record Saturday as they won their 75th consecutive division 1 rating in UIL region 16 north zone competition at Lowery Field - a run that dates back all the way to 1937.

"The win is awesome. That's why they're called the powerhouse of the plains." said Kimberly Corley. Kimberly is the mother of two current band members. Her son Matthew Corley is a junior at Plainview High School and plays the tuba. Her daughter Tiffany Corley is a sophomore clarinet player. 

Kimberly is obviously proud of their accomplishment.

 "Words can't even express what it means for them to be a part of a great milestone in Plainview High School history," she said. "As I remember, there's no other high school band that's ever had this great of an accomplishment and no other high school that can say that they've done anything remotely close to this, so it means a lot."

But Kimberly isn't just proud of her children. She played her own part in the band's history.

"I was a part of the Plainview High School band between the years of 1982 to 1985 and I was a trombone player. I was a part of the 46th, 47th and 48th division 1 ratings, so I think I have something to do with number 75." Kimberly said.

Her daughter's career began in the 5th grade.

"My brothers were in the band and they already started. They were playing music and it just seemed like fun the way they played it. I just wanted to try it when I started in sixth grade and I found out it was a lot of fun." Tiffany said. "When he announced that we got the 75th I really almost broke into tears. It was just really great hearing that. It meant a lot to everybody."

Her brother was proud to uphold the tradition of the band.

"It means a lot because we kept the tradition for the band going including, having our family members continue on as well." Matthew said.

Matthew said the band kids are treated like superstars at school, but he's happiest when playing the theme to Super Mario on his tuba. He feels that learning how to play an instrument will help him to succeed later in life.

"It takes a lot of dedication to read music and play the instrument," Matthew said.

Ora McAdoo is Kimberly's mother - grandmother to Matthew and Tiffany. She had four children in the Plainview band: one drummer, two trombone players and a saxophone player. She remembers a very loud house when her kids were young.

"It was a boom boom and a bum bum everywhere," Ora said. "A lot of pomp and circumstance."

"I sacrificed because they wanted to play in the band - to buy the instruments that they played was a lot of money," she said.

Ora is glad to see her grandkids continuing the Plainview tradition, but feels that the bands her children played in were slightly better.

"Well of course I'm biased on that so I'm going to say it's my children under the direction of OT Ryan. These guys go in there and they are awesome but they are the younger generation and I can't really relate to what they're doing," Ora said.

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