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Lubbock GOP: Democrats may have vandalized own signs

Carl Tepper Carl Tepper

A local act of vandalism is being called a hate crime by Lubbock Democrats, but the Lubbock Republican Party chair say he suspects foul play of another kind.

A Lubbock homeowner says Democratic Party signs in her yard were shot at, covered in brown paint, and had racial slurs written on them over the weekend. The Lubbock Democratic Party says other campaign signs showing support for President Obama were also stolen. 

Kenny Ketner, the Democratic Party chair, says the latest acts of vandalism have gone too far, and he called the acts "racist garbage."

However, the Lubbock Republican Party says the circumstances are suspicious. 

Carl Tepper, Republican Party chair, said, "I have a weird suspicion that the Democrats might have damaged their own signs. It's an outlandish story."

Ketner says he's saddened but not surprised by the Republicans' response.

"I'm disappointed that GOP Chairman, Carl Tepper, went straight to conspiracy theory instead of confronting the reality of the situation, and I think that's typical of today's GOP," Ketner said. "They'd rather, you know, say the President wasn't born in this country and he's a secret Muslim and all this stuff rather than working in reality with the rest of us."

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