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Consider This...Let's name the new Tech mascot

As you may have heard, Texas Tech officials are looking for a new mascot. Midnight Matador is retiring after ten good years of inspiration for players and fans.

And as the search begins for the 14th horse to ride for the Masked Rider, so also begins the search for a new name.

Texas Tech will more than likely have some sort of contest to come up with the best name, reminding us that one of the symbolic meanings of the Masked Rider and horse is the area's Spanish heritage.

Consider this:

What better way to acknowledge that Spanish heritage than to acknowledge the source of the Masked Rider's image?

Hear me out.

Toronado was the name of Zorro's horse in the famous books and films. The Masked Rider was modeled after Zorro - complete with mask, bolero hat, cape, boots, and, of course, the jet black horse.

The fictional character in the movies was living in America during the Spanish Colonial era with the mission of bringing victory to any righteous cause. And to bring it full circle, according to Wikipedia, Zorro's costume was itself adapted from an old serial film character named, you guessed it, the Masked Rider.

So let's name the horse Toronado. It honors the origins of the program, pays tribute to our heritage, and inspires victory for the Scarlet and Black.  

'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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