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The Case of the Missing Croc

"We haven't found him yet," said Jean Wallace. She's searching for a missing pet. No, not the family dog, something with a few more teeth. "All of a sudden the alligator came missing," she said.

That's right, she said alligator. A Cayman. His name is Cujo, and he's just over three feet long. "It's not a big alligator, it's just a little alligator," she assured.

Last seen around 7:30 last night, the Wallaces think Cujo might have been stolen. Plucked right from the front yard. But if he wasn't taken, if he just wandered off, fortunately for the humans, his mouth was taped shut. Unfortunately for Cujo, his mouth was taped shut. "Yeah, it's taped shut, so he can't harm no one," said Jean. Thankfully, Cujo's never bitten anyone - anyone human. "If anyone has him, he's eats rats," she said.

"I looked everywhere. Down the road, behind the house," said neighbor Hector Rodriguez. He's rallied for the reptile. "Do you call him by name?," asked NewsChannel 11. "Yeah, his name's Cujo. So, you're like 'Cujo!'?, 'Yeah, but he don't listen,'" he laughed.

The Wallaces are offering a $200 reward for the return of Cujo. A missing croc report has been filed with the sheriff's department. Best case scenario? He wanders back on his own. "Now you're not wearing any shoes, are you worried if he comes back?," NewsChannel 11 asked Jean. "No, I'm not worried," she laughed.

Cujo was last seen in the 4100 block of East 2nd Street.

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