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Citibus announces the Boo Bus

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From City of Lubbock:

Create a memory this year with Citibus on Halloween, Wednesday, October 31.  We are reaching out to the community with a chance for all to get in the spirit, enjoy a free ride and some candy.  There will be one bus (Bus #006) that will offer the public a free spooktacular ride around Lubbock. 

Citibus has teamed up with the Spirit Halloween store to not trick, but treat the public to this new event.  On October 29th the now standard bus will make its way to 4841 50th street, home of the Spirit Halloween store for its transformation over the weekend.    

The "Boo Bus" will be in route on Halloween starting at 5:45 a.m. and will make its last rounds at 4:45 p.m.  The bus will change routes throughout the day to insure its availability to everyone (see below for a detailed schedule).  Plan to ride the "Boo Bus" and have a Spooktacular time!  It's a great opportunity to learn how to ride the bus and engage your friends and family in public transportation.  Citibus operators will continue their annual tradition of wearing costumes. 

The staff will ride the bus and hand out candy to everyone that rides.  Come dressed up in a friendly costume or come as yourself. Plan your route ahead of time and make it a day to remember.   

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