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Political sign vandals caught on camera


On Wednesday, more election signs were destroyed at University and 26th Street, but this time the Lubbock Democratic Chairman says the vandals became confrontational after they were caught on camera.

Shortly before 2a.m. chairman Kenny Ketner says about a dozen small Obama signs were stolen off the property. That's when he says a campaign volunteer went to stake out the area.

"The vandals came back to cut down the big signs, and our volunteer got it on video. Then the vandals attacked our volunteer," Ketner said.

The volunteer did not want to be named, but he says when he started to video tape the four men with his camcorder one of the vandals punched him in the face. The volunteer then called 911, and police caught the vandals just a few blocks from the property. Police questioned the men, but no arrests have been made at this point and the volunteer chose not to press charges.

"Vandalism is increasing as we get close to Election Day," Ketner said. "I hope now that we've busted them in the act that it will stop, and hopefully it's just this one group."

Ketner says vandals have hit this specific area several times, including this past Sunday when racial slurs were written on many of the Obama signs. He says other signs across town have also been stolen, and they're not cheap to replace. Ketner says the 4x4 size signs cost the Democratic Party $50 each to replace.

"I've been involved in Lubbock County politics since 2004, and this is the worst I've seen it get," he said. "We've had more vandalism and theft of yard signs than anytime I can remember."

However the vandalism isn't just limited to the Democratic Party. Lubbock Republican Chairman Carl Tepper says vandalism like this happens each election year, and out of the 3,000 republican yard signs placed around town, at least 100 have already been stolen.

This recent vandalism investigation is still ongoing, and the video tape of the vandals has been given to the police department.

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