Sgt. Gordon Musick, a Hometown Hero

84-year old Gordon Musick was drafted into the Army during the Korean War. He was a medic who served in both Japan and Korea. While he was over there, this young sergeant took a chance and did something that ultimately gave him sixty years of happiness.

While he was overseas, Gordon's mother would have his hometown newspapers sent to him. One day, while nearing the end of his deployment, Gordon got the newspaper that would change his life forever.

"It was the only one I had gotten for a while and I just felt it was kind of ordained," Musick said.

In that paper, there was a photo of a young woman who was featured in an article. Gordon says he knew right away, Betty Terry would be his wife. Therefore, while sitting in a bunker on the frontline's of the Korean War, Gordon wrote Betty a letter.

"I don't know why, I just cut out her picture and wrote to her," Gordon Musick said.

"My brother came peddling up to the mailbox and said 'Bett you got a letter' and I opened it, it was from someone named Gordon Musick," Betty Musick said.

After talking it over with her mother, Betty decided to write back to the solider.

"I just thought it was fun to think about some boy that had written to me," Betty Musick said.

By the time Betty's letter reached Korea, Gordon had already been shipped home. However, the letter eventually made it to him back in the states.

"Whenever he got home, my letter followed him back and he wrote me again and asked if he could come see me," Betty Musick said.

The two set a date and time to finally meet each other face to face.

"He came on a Thursday night and knocked on the door and said, 'Hi I'm Gordon' and I said, 'Hi I'm Betty," Betty Musick said.

The love that Gordon felt the instant he saw Betty's faded picture quickly became mutual.

"Gordon started coming to my house every Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday we would go to church," Betty Musick said.

"I convinced myself that that's what I wanted so I tried to go every time I got a chance," Gordon Musick said.

A little over a year after Betty opened that first letter, the two were married on what Gordon calls his red letter day.

"We began a life of learning one another and I guess it's going to last. It's only been 59 years," Gordon Musick said.

Looking back, the two agree their love story is nothing short of a God thing and Gordon says, he won't go anywhere with out Betty by his side.

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