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Consider This...Prostitution is simple supply and demand

I applaud the Lubbock Police Department's new effort to publicize the names and pictures of men arrested for soliciting prostitution. I can't think of a better way to stop the crime than to publicize everyone arrested for it.

Police started that process this week by posting on their website the eight arrests they have made so far this year. And they plan to update the list as more arrests are made through their undercover sting operation.

Consider this:

My first question when I saw this story waS ...why are they targeting only the "Johns" and not the prostitutes on the other end of the crime.

I've been told it's a simple case of supply and demand. If they can discourage the solicitors for fear of public embarrassment, then the prostitutes will be out of business.

And although both sides are still illegal, that argument makes sense. Especially knowing that some of these prostitutes were girls as young as twelve and forced into it before it became their career.

So this TV station is in support of this effort to stomp out prostitution in Lubbock. That's why you'll also be seeing the names and faces of those arrested on our newscasts and website.

In fact, you can see the most recent gallery of Johns right now at

Good job, LPD.

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