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Food For Thought: 10.25

We begin at a late-night hot spot in the Depot District.

Big E's at 1802 Buddy Holly had nine critical violations.

* Cold foods were not at 41 degrees or below.

* And several hot food items were not at the safe temperature.

* An open soda can was next to food.

* Rotten tomatoes were stored with good ones.

* Boxes of foil were immersed in waste water from a pipe leak under a sink.

* Several items did not have an expiration date.

* The hand sink was blocked by bar stools.

* Utensils and the utensil rack were dirty.

* And finally, the inspector noted that due to the nature of the violations the manager did not demonstrate proper food safety knowledge.

According to the report, all but two of the violations were corrected while the inspector was there.


Finally we head to a popular Tech-area restaurant.

Blue Mesa at 2522 Marsha Sharp Fwy had 11 critical violations.

* Red chili sauce was not cooling properly.

* Cold foods were above 41 degrees.

* An employee left the kitchen area but did not wash their hands when returning to work.

* An uncovered drink was on a prep table.

* Breading had visible mold on it.

* There were several instances of cross contamination including, a rotten tomato in a container with other vegetables... Debris in the sugar bin... And containers of food without lids were stacked on top of each other.

* Food labels with date marks did not match what was in the container.

* Toxic items were stored near food items.

* The water in the dish washer was not hot enough to sanitize.

* Several kitchen items were dirty.

* And finally, the inspector noted that the manager did not show proper knowledge of food safety handling.

According to the report, most of the violations were corrected during the inspection.


We also have 11 top performers on this week's list:

* Bash Rip rock's at 2419 Main

* Christaki's Burger at 1111 34th

* Domino's Pizza 1708 Parkway

* Einstein Bros. Bagel at 4525 Marsha Sharp Fwy

* Happy Burger at 1808 Clovis

* Jimmy John's at 2413 Broadway

* McDonald's at 4220 98th

* Rain Café at 2708 50th

* Slide Breakfast House at 2907 Slide

* Subway at 5015 University

* Whataburger at 8226 University.


You can view the full report for this week's Food For Thought by clicking here.

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