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Lubbock police need help solving quadruple cold case murder

October 25th marks the eight year anniversary of a family found brutally murdered inside their north east Lubbock apartment back in 2004.

Senior homicide detective Rey Martinez crossed over the yellow police tape on that day, and walked into apartment 4101 at Windcrest Estacado to a gruesome and bloody scene. "It was one of the most brutal homicides that I've ever seen," detective Martinez said during an interview Thursday.

Police found 45-year-old Tammy Cooper, her twin 9-year-old sons KaDiece and Kasheem Allen, and 11-year-old daughter Mahogany Jasmine Allen stabbed and beaten to death throughout several rooms in the apartment.

Martinez believes the four were murdered the night before, but their bodies were found by a friend early the next morning around 7:45a.m. To this day the murders remain a mystery with very few clues to help put the detectives on the right path.

Martinez says the night the family was murdered Tammy was on the phone with a friend when there was a knock on the front door. "She could hear a man's voice. She described it as a very deep voice that was saying get off the phone, get phone we need to talk," Martinez said.

"The friend described the victim as calm which indicated that she probably knew who the visitor was," He said. "Tammy even asked the visitor, how did you find me? How did you know I was here? She didn't seem alarmed enough for her friend to be concerned."

Martinez says the friend then asked Tammy who the man was. Tammy responded by saying "You don't know him. He isn't from here. His name is Butch and he is black."

Martinez believes just 15 minutes after Tammy hung up the phone she and her three children were murdered. The investigation soon took Martinez to Dallas where Tammy and the children had lived just six months before the attack.

However after numerous interviews and countless hours, Martinez and the detectives hit a wall. He's now hoping someone will hear Tammy's story again and give new information to help break down that wall. "If someone can think of anything, whether it's about the family or her friends… there might be some things we don't know and that is what could lead us to solving this case," Martinez said.

If you have any information you are asked to call Crimeline at 741-1000.

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