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Singer and UT football star help out Snyder charity

Sunny Leigh Shipley Sunny Leigh Shipley
Jordan Shipley Jordan Shipley

A Snyder-based charity is getting help from some big names. Singer-Songwriter Sunny Leigh Shipley and her University of Texas football star husband Jordan are donating all the iTunes proceeds from her latest song to Holden Uganda.

Sunny Leigh graduated from Belmont University in Tennessee, but attended both South Plains College and Texas Tech. Therefore, her and her husband are an unlikely match.

"She's definitely still a Red Raider. I've tried to convert her, but it's not going to happen," Jordan said.

However, Jordan and Sunny Leigh's romance started long before they picked sides.

"We were in the eighth grade and we started dating or whatever we can at that age," Sunny Leigh said.

The couple, who have been married for over a year, have combined their talents to help out Holden Uganda.

"It's so important to give back to them because they can't help themselves. Something as simple as clean water we take for granted every day and they don't have that and it's killing them," Sunny Leigh said.

The nonprofit builds water wells for those in need in memory of lost loved ones. Sunny Leigh has her own personal tie to the charity.

"They built one in memory of my sister who we lost when she was 15," Sunny Leigh said.

All the iTunes proceeds from Sunny Leigh's song, "Don't Let Me Sink," will benefit Holden Uganda. Sunny Leigh and Jordan wrote it together.

"We already had written the song and it's about water and something was just pulling at me. I felt like we needed to do something for them because they did something for my family," Sunny Leigh said.

Jordan who's a musician himself and is currently an NFL free-agent, says he's enjoyed his time off the field, watching his wife do what she does best.

"She's got such a creative ability to get idea's and put them into words. It's been really neat for me to see that and to work with somebody as talented as her," Jordan said.

Sunny Leigh's EP is currently on iTunes, but her full length album will be released in February. She says she's trying not to put too much pressure on herself.

"I'll kind of see where it goes. I just want to have fun with it. I'm not worried about much other than having fun," Sunny Leigh says.

The Shipley's are hoping to raise enough money to build at least one well. For more information go to

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