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Tent City hunkers down for chilly weather

A shipment of military tents was donated to Tent City back in January. A shipment of military tents was donated to Tent City back in January.

As the temperatures continue to drop and the last signs of summer fade, Tent City is preparing to keep their residents safe.

Jeremy Nelson has lived in Tent City for almost two months. He says, the staff there is giving them everything they need to survive.

"Honestly, I like the cold. You can always put another layer on. It's a lot better than I expected. I thought I would have to bring my own tent. Everyone gets their own tent," Nelson said.

Frank Morrison is the president of Link Ministries. They operate Tent City complete on their own.

"The Army issue tents we have are good against the weather and they keep the wind out," Morrison said.

Each resident is also issued a sub zero sleeping bag, that keeps out the frigid temps. Some residents admit the sleeping bags are even too warm at times.

"We have sub zero sleeping bags too. Obviously whenever cold weather hits they're concerned just like anybody, but they know we have the supplies," Morrison said.

Nelson says he couldn't be more thankful for the outreach Link Ministries has.

"I'd like to thank these people. Everybody comes in to that struggle so to know you're safe and warm is nice," Nelson said.

He says Tent Ministries is like a big family and that everyone there has each others back.

"The more unified we are, the less we have to worry about. We look out for each other," Nelson said.

That's exactly what Link Ministries is hoping to provide, a place for people to recover and rebuild.

"The residents are well taken care of and we're going to provide the things they need so they can get back to society," Nelson said.

For more information or to donate, go to www.linkministries.com

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