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RAW VIDEO: 4 men allegedly vandalize political signs, attack volunteer (WARNING: PROFANITY)


Lubbock Democrats are fighting back against sign vandalism after claiming hundreds of yard signs and multiple large signs have been stolen, destroyed, or defaced with racial slurs.

On Wednesday, a volunteer "staked out" an area at 26th & University Avenue and caught the alleged vandals on video.

The recording was taken as evidence by Lubbock police and returned to Lubbock County Democratic Chair Kenny Ketner and his volunteers on Friday. They posted it on YouTube.

Campaign volunteer Leo Flores took the video, and during the recording you can see the group of men speeding off, then looping back around to confront Leo. He then's calls 911.

While on the phone with police, the volunteer says, "They jumped out of the truck and they beat me up. They were trying to take the camera away from me."

During the incident, the men shouted profanities at the volunteer. The shouted words "coon" and the n-word are also audible. As they fled, one of the men also seemed to shout, "Go back to Mexico, M-----F-----."

Police say the investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made. The Democratic Party plans to press charges for the sign vandalism, but Leo is unsure if he wants to press assault charges on the man who punched him.

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