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Firework Laws and Safety

Fireworks can only be popped in the county, not the city. It is illegal and you could be fined up to $1,000.

The Lubbock Police and Fire departments confiscate almost a room full of fireworks from people who illegally bring them into the city. Then, the explosives are safely destroyed. So your best bet it to buy your fireworks when you want to use them. But before you pop them, keep in mind of a few things.

Fireworks Displays And Safety Tips
To help you celebrate safely this Fourth of July, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Council on Fireworks Safety offers the following safety tips.

"Blackjacks can be dangerous. We found out a lot of kids like to throw them at each other. They burn a lot of people," said Lisa Holt. She runs the Texas Star Fireworks stand in Wolfforth.

You can avoid injury. Holt donated a few fireworks so the Wolfforth Volunteer Fire Department could show you how to properly light fireworks.

Assistant Chief Lance Hamilton say to start with a good pair of gloves and protective safety glasses. "You're eyes and hands are most susceptible to injury." Hamilton says once a fuse is lit, take three big steps up wind of the firecracker you are lighting.

"Blackjacks are real popular with kids. Don't light home while you're holding them."

"Once you light a fuse and it does not ignite, do not try to re-ignite it because the fuse is shorter. It might not be enough to give you time to get away. You could really hurt yourself."

"Anything that goes up in the air, scan the area to make sure nothing will catch fire, like grass."

Tips on Photographing Fireworks
Inexact recommendations for an inexact shooting situation!

Never point firecrackers at another person. Hamilton says you can severely burn someone by doing that. Also, you might want to take with you a jug of water to put out any little fire you may have started with a firecracker.

Firework stands stay open until midnight.

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