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Out Of This World Purchases For $290 Million

If the game is winning, the score is players: zero, Mega Millions: 15. That's because in the last 15 drawings no one has been able to match all six numbers in the Mega Millions Lottery. Now the jackpot is at its highest with $290 million up for grabs. So, what would you do with money?

The odds of winning the Mega millions jackpot are approximately one in 135 million. But with that much money you can't help but imagine what you could do with it.

We found you could buy:

  • 6,000 brand new Hummer H2's
  • 7 gulfstream jets
  • 11 private islands in the Bahamas
  • A trip to outer space every year for about 12 years
  • 32 life time daily passes to Dolly Parton's DollyWood
  • You could buy Mt. Rushmore for $10 million and build similar monuments on all seven continents with the rest of the money with your face on them.

One more interesting fact we found today is that there is someone who has already lived like a lottery winner. Former President Bill Clinton's international trips during his presidency totaled a little over $290 million. So if you don't ever become president you still have a few unique things to buy for that price tag.

Here are the winning lottery numbers for the drawing on July 2nd.







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