'Zombie Specialist' speaks at Texas Tech

Matt Mogk
Matt Mogk

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Zombies - they're a big hit during the Halloween season. But they were also the topic of discussion during a special presentation at Texas Tech.

Monday night - an actual 'Zombie Specialist' held a lecture on everything you need to know about a zombie takeover. Matt Mogk, who heads the nationally-known Zombie Research Society, takes the zombie threat seriously.

"How does one become a zombie expert? Well, it was a little accidental, but I've always been obsessed with zombies .I actually got a masters degree from New York University when I studied zombies in cinema."

These slow walking, flesh eating zombies have only been a thing of the imagination For most people. Mogk, however, takes a more scientific approach.

"Our board is made up of leading experts from different fields, from co-director of education of Harvard Medical School to leading neuroscientists across the country using their expertise for this theoretical problem."

Making his way to college campuses like Texas Tech, Mogk gives presentations based on three points.

1. Zombie Basics

"We use the definition of zombie - that zombies are relentlessly aggressive reanimated human corpse driven by biological infection"

"How do you kill a zombie? That's the easiest question....removing the head or destroying the brain."

2. Zombie Science

"Driven by a biological infection. That's really important because they're infectious so its essentially like a virus with legs and teeth."

3. Zombie Survival

"Do people think you're crazy when you start talking about it? Sometimes, but actually the great thing about it is that preparedness for a zombie plague is the same as preparedness for a tornado or giant earthquake or any other natural or man made disaster, so it actually has a practical purpose to it."

So there you have it. Zombie believer or not, Mogk says it better to be prepared than not.

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