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Going back for 2nds on the 4th

"We'll sell about 1,000 burritos," said one vendor.

Forget fireworks, Fourth on Broadway is about food. "Best corn dogs in Lubbock," said Kevin Pate. His Church on a Rock is selling Corn Dogs on a Stick.

Taco Express? "Yeah," said Enemencio Peralez. he and his family were setting up under the hot evening sun. An alluring aroma already in the air. "Probably from the last time we cooked," he said.

The Parkway Baptist Hispanic Church - "We went out and bought a gazebo to set up," said a parishioner. Selling burritos, hot dogs, and hamburger, hopefully, under their new contraption. Where are the directions? "Here," he pointed. Are they easy to understand? "No, but we're doing pretty good," he smiled.

"Big fat ears," said Judith Tomlin. John Deer green, sunshine yellow. "Sweet yellow corn," she smiled. Judith is prepared to sell corn. How many ears do you plan to sell? "50 cases, (2500 ears)" she said.

Whether for private profit or raising money for the cause, "All our money goes to our youth programs," said Pate. Vendors on Broadway are hoping you'll go back for seconds and thirds on the fourth.

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