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Meet The Face Behind The Fireworks Spectacular

It may last just less than half an hour, but days of work and almost a year of planning goes into the 4th On Broadway's Fireworks Extravaganza. But who's in charge of putting the show together? Meet the face behind the flashy show.

"That's just those ones that voom, and fill up the sky!" explains Jeremy Ross enthusiastically, as he describes what people should expect to experience at this year's fireworks extravaganza.

"This is one of my passions, I love it," he says.

His passion for lighting up the sky on the 4th of July is something he looks forward to year round.

"It's probably the funnest job I've ever had, I get to shoot fireworks man and it's great," he says.

Even though Jeremy has only viewed the show once since he began his job twelve years ago, he still experiences the magic he's created through his audience.

"I can hear everybody cheering over the show and it's just amazing to me!" Jeremy exclaims.

What's amazing is the long labor put into the show and how quickly it's over.

"It'll take two and a half days to get this all set up, shoot in it 20-25 minutes then tear it down," he says.

Despite the hard work, Jeremy keeps a smile on his face because he loves his job.

"I just love doing it. It's one of those deals that you never thought when you were a kid that you would actually get to shoot fireworks and make money at it, it's just unreal," he says.

But Jeremy won't take credit for all the work, he says he owes it to mother nature for providing a perfect canvas for the art he will create tomorrow.

"I was getting kind of worried the first of the week but all the rain blew over. It made everything green around here so we won't have any fires," he observes.

The firecracker man himself hints at a surprise that's planned for Sunday night's show that will get your attention in a big way.

"We used to have them and they were smaller, now we've got them back and they're bigger," he says with a sly grin on his face.

The city spent almost $20,000 on this year's show and they say it will all be worth it when the expected 100,000 plus people come out to see the show.

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