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New medication available to treat head lice

How appropriate this Halloween, we learn more about a real-life spooky blood-sucker. I'm talking about head lice.   The good news tonight is there is new medication available that appears to be very effective.  It's a lotion called Ivermectin.  New studies show that it's safe and effective at getting rid of lice without all that combing through the hair to find the eggs, or nits.

Dr. David Pariser said, "It's an easier treatment to use for the parents, and they don't have to sit there and pick out all the little nits."

Dr. Pariser says lice are getting tougher to kill with over-the-counter remedies since they're becoming increasingly resistant to those common chemicals.  Ivermectin is powerful stuff.  Historically, it's been used to de-worm cattle. This new formulation has been approved for use in children, but only by prescription.  So, if you think your child has lice, ask your doctor about the lice fighting lotion called Ivermectin.

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