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No Vacancy: Lubbock hotels fill up for UT weekend


Lubbock is busting at the seams for the Lonestar Pride weekend. It's the biggest weekend of the season for Red Raiders and Longhorns alike. The Texas Tech versus University of Texas game always brings in a big crowd.

Rob Meyer is the president of the Lubbock Hotel Motel Association. He says their revenue will increase by 50 percent this weekend.

"Anytime you have a huge rivalry like we do against Texas, you're going to expect some craziness. To get a room here in Lubbock right now will be a potluck," Meyer said.

Meyer says his hotel, Arbor Inn and Suites sold out in April for the rivalry weekend.

"What you're hoping for when you call looking for a room is that the previous call had just canceled," Meyer said.

He admits, prices skyrocket at times like this, but he says that's how the hotel business works.

"As far as the rates go on a weekend, people have to remember that the hotel business is supply and demand," Meyer said.

However, if you don't have luck calling around, there are other options. We found Lubbockite's offering their residence's on Craigslist. Stacy Fredenburg is one of those people.

"It's really close to Tech. It's got a great backyard. It will take you five minutes to get there," Frendenburg said.

Fredenburg noticed other posts like it on Craigslist, so she decided to get in on the action, charging 300 dollars or best offer.

"I saw the same thing on Craigslist and I thought we have a room available. And I know the hotel situation always gets booked up, so I just wanted to offer it," Fredenburg said.

She says she's not worried about the possible dangers that could be involved, she's just trying to open her home to a die-hard and desperate fan.

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