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Food for Thought: 11.1

     Out of 64 inspections there we three stops that had enough critical violations to land on our low performer list, but one restaurant opened their kitchen to show us how they're making some major changes.

     "I know that health scores - and the way they can be presented - can sometimes be dramatic and people can take them that way, dramatically. I'm here to cast doubt out of the viewer's mind that this is a cleanly place," Matt Britton tells us.

     He is the new executive chef at the Lone Star Oyster Bar at 10007 Slide.

     He was hired after last week's health inspection to help turn around the kitchen.

 "I had a restaurant for almost six years here - very long running top performer. So that's my goal; to teach them the proper cleanliness, the proper sanitation, proper food handling and proper storage."

 So let's take a look at their violations.


 * An employee's uncovered drink was next to the steam table.

* A container had moldy onions and gnats in it.

* Several food items did not have an expiration date.

* There were numerous flies throughout the kitchen.

* Toxic items were not labeled and were near food items.

* Dirty dishes were with clean dishes, and there was mold and mildew in the ice machine.

Chef Matt says all violations have been corrected and changes are already underway, "There really wasn't anybody here to train them. So, you can't blame it on them; they're doing real well, and they're eager to lean."


Next we head to Taco Villa at 2243 19th Street.

They also had six critical violations.

* The temperature inside a cooler was above 41 degrees.

* An employee was drinking in the prep area.

* The smoothie machine and ice machine were dirty.

* A bottle of cleaner was near food.

* An unknown strength of an unknown sanitizing solution was used in the dish machine.

* Kitchen items were dirty or broken.

According to the report most of the violations were corrected while the inspector was there.


And finally, we head to El Jalapeno at 5001 I-27. They were cited for seven critical violations.

* Cold foods were not 41 degrees or below.

* Hot foods were not at least 135 degrees.

* A can was sharply dented... This can lead to botulism

* Employee were not using gloves.

* Raw sausage was stored above ready to eat foods.

* Several items did not have expiration dates.

* And the inspector noted that because of the number and nature of violations the manger did not show proper food safety knowledge.

The report shows the violations were corrected during the inspection.


     It's not all bad news in this week's Food for Thought.

     Some popular stops had perfect scores:


* Caprock Café at 3405 34th

* Chick-fil-A at 6002 Slide

* Fazoli's at 4008 82nd

* Hissho Sushi @ Sun Harvest at 8201 Quaker

* Mama Fu's at 2531 82nd

* One Guy from Italy at 4320 50th

* Orlando's Take Out at 6941 Indiana

* Taco Bell at 2408 82nd

* Tastee Burgers at 2434 N. Clovis Rd.

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