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Party leaders urging Lubbock to vote


The election is only two days away and out of the 155,000 registered voters in Lubbock County only 62,000 have voted. That leaves around 92,000 people that haven't voted and the local party leaders want to make sure they do.

"You don't want other people speaking for you and that's what's going to happen if you don't vote," said Republican Party Chair Carl Tepper.

"I think it's important for everybody to get out and vote especially if you're a first time voter," said his Democratic counterpart Kenny Ketner.

Early voting numbers in Lubbock are down 7,000 from 2008 and Tepper and Ketner think they know why. "The numbers are down statewide too so we suspect that the enthusiasm level for the president has really dropped and we hope that's good for the republicans," said Tepper

"I think a lot of it has to do with fewer local races this time around. We've got the precinct 3 races but that's pretty much it I think that explains most of it," said Ketner.

Even though early voting numbers are down they said people they have talked to within their respective parties can't wait until Tuesday.

"I've had incredible enthusiasm from Lubbock county republican party. We've got to be the most powerful, unified county party in the nation right now," said Tepper.

"We're very excited for Tuesday to come. We think that President Obama will win and can't wait to celebrate Tuesday night," said Ketner.

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