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Wilbur the Dog Needs Help Getting His Own Set of Wheels

We often call them man's best friend or four legged friends, but there's one Lubbock dog that isn't able to use all four legs. Wilbur is a dog who is trying to get a second chance at life, but he needs your help.

Wilbur, one of The Haven Animal Shelter's newest furry orphans, has had it rough.

"The owner says that he was shot, and he didn't have the money to take care of Wilbur -- so that's why he was brought out here to The Haven," says Becky Robinette, Wilbur's caregiver at the shelter.

She says that as a result of a gun shot wound he has no use of his hind legs, but his suffering doesn't stop there.

"After Wilbur was here for a couple of weeks, we noticed he had a lump on his side, and we had it biopsied and it turned out to be cancer," she explains.

The cancer turned out to be malignant, and it left Wilbur without two of his ribs.

"He's in pain right now. The surgery he had was an extremely painful surgery. It feels like after the surgery that he has broken ribs," says Becky about Wilbur's procedure.

But it didn't leave Wilbur with a broken spirit. Getting around isn't easy for him, that's why Becky says she wants him to have his own set of wheels to make his life more pleasant.

"So, what I want to do for Wilbur is I want to make him, I want to give him a good couple years, and so that's why I want to get wheels for him," she says.

A wheelchair has made a world of difference for another Haven dog named Jenny.

"Jenny doesn't have any back legs or a tail, and that's because she was shot in the spine by some rancher," she says.

Leaving Jenny without hind legs. But in her chair, she's unstoppable.

"We put Jenny up in her chair and she takes off, and that's what we want for Wilbur," explains Becky.

But Wilbur will need a special wheelchair that will improve his well being.

"We'd like to see if we could get the community of Lubbock together to see if we can get wheels for Wilbur."

And help give happiness to a little dog.

"He's had a horrible life. Here he is paralyzed and with cancer, yet here he is just a happy camper. He just wants to be loved just like the rest of us," says Becky with tears in her eyes.

The Haven Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization. If you'd like to make a donation to Wheels for Wilbur, you can contact the People's Bank and ask for the animal care shelter fund and donations, or you can send your donation to:

The Haven Animal Shelter
4501 North County Road 1729
Lubbock, TX 79403

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