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Former CPS worker indicted for posting sexually explicit video


A former Lubbock Child Protective Services investigator was indicted by a Grand Jury Tuesday on charges of improper photography and visual recording. Kellen Coleman-Davis, 31, is accused of using his position at CPS to coerce a woman he was investigating into performing sexual favors for him.

CPS officials say Coleman-Davis was terminated earlier this year when he was arrested back in April. The warrant says this all started when Coleman-Davis began investigating a 31-year-old woman in November of 2011 for neglectful supervision of her children.

Several months into the investigation, Coleman-Davis discovered the woman had a history of prostitution, and had previously been paid by an adult entertainment website to post sexually explicit web cam videos of herself. The documents say Coleman-Davis confronted the woman telling her he was "flagging" her case file and that if anyone found out about her past it would be hard for her to keep her children.

The woman told police she felt threatened by his statement, and felt she had to keep him "happy" or her children would be taken away. The warrant then says Coleman-Davis told the woman he wanted to help her prostitution career and if she paid him $300 a month he could make her a website. She told him she didn't have the money.

The warrant then says Coleman-Davis set up a nude photo shoot for her. After taking the pictures the woman says he wanted copies of them, but even though she didn't want to she still felt threatened by him and gave him the photos. She told police Coleman-Davis wanted her to sign a consent form so he could post the pictures on a website; she refused but he did it anyway.

She then says he began asking over and over about her performing sexual favors for him. The woman agreed, but then Coleman-Davis posted a video of it online without her permission.

She told police she felt victimized and used, but was afraid she would lose her children. Around that same time Coleman-Davis closed the woman's case file in favor of her keeping her children.

In April he was arrested on charges of official oppression by using his authority at CPS to sexually harass her, promotion of prostitution, and improper photo and visual recording. Coleman-Davis was indicted only on the last charge which is a felony.

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