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New fire engine in Lubbock used to combat wildfires


With hunting season under way and some areas of the state still recovering from last year's drought, Lubbock Fire Department and Texas A&M Forest Service are showcasing a new wildland fire engine today.

Texas Forest Service is concerned with hunters typically building campfires and burning debris during windy or dry conditions and they are trying to keep everyone safe.  

The Type-3 fire engine has state of the art equipment including a 500 or more gallon tank, two 500 feet hoses, and a minimum pump capacity of 150 gallons per minute (gpm).  Other wildland fire engines, like the Type 7, have a 50 to 200 gallon tank, one 200 feet hose, and a small pump of 10 gpm.

Although smaller than a typical municipal fire engine, wildland fire engines are specifically designed to handle remote, off-road areas and difficult terrain, making them better-equipped for responding to wildfires.

Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS) Grant Assistance Program awarded it to Lubbock in August.

The TIFMAS Grant Assistance Program provides departments in strategic areas with funding for wildland fire engines.

As a member of TIFMAS, Lubbock Fire Department can now be called to respond to disasters statewide.   

More than 50 firefighters have been training in basic wildland firefighting since the department joined the program.

"With this engine, we're continuing to build upon the great partnership we've developed between Lubbock Fire Department and Texas A&M Forest Service," said Texas A&M Forest Service Regional Fire Coordinator Justin Musgraves, who is based in Lubbock. "This engine won't just help Lubbock better protect itself from wildfires, it will help Lubbock protect the state from wildfires."

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