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"TV Jackpot Records" for a Thousand Alex...

Ken Jennings is a 25 game winner on Jeopardy, quickly approaching a million dollars in winnings. You may of heard of Ken, but you might not know he has local ties. 

The category: Hometowns.
The clue: The grandparents of Jeopardy celeb Ken Jennings once called this West Texas town home.
The Jeopardy answer: What is Muleshoe?

Several members of the Jennings family still live there, one of them now lives in Lubbock.  NewsChannel 11 had the opportunity to sit down with Ken Jennings' great aunt Betty Jennings, as she watched yet another amazing win. 

As she watches Ken answer yet another questions correctly,  Betty says, "Look at that isn't he amazing, just amazing."

Whether Ken answers the Jeopardy questions right or wrong, Betty is still proud as can be. She says, "There is a group of us ladies from our Sunday School class who meet every Thursday morning for coffee.  Two or three weeks ago I told him (Ken) we were meeting Thursday morning forming the Ken Jennings fan club. He thought that was hillarious." 

Some have a hard time believing Betty is related.  She says, "They say 'That's the smartest guy they've ever seen.' and I say 'He's my great nephew.' and they don't believe me at first." That's because Ken has become a celebrity of sorts.

He's unstoppable, the superhero of quiz shows.  After Tuesday's show, Ken had won 25 shows in a row.  His winnings total $788,960. Betty says "He is sharp.  One time he answered all the questions in a row on Greek Mythology."

But Betty says Ken is humble. Pointing at the TV, she says, "See how unassuming he is.  He's just so natural."  Every time Ken hears Alex Trebek announce his winnings, Ken shakes his head in disbelief, and it's in disbeleif that the nation watches along with Betty.  She says, "It is so exciting.  It has really brightened my life."  

Ken will go for win number 26 Wednesday morning. Tune in to watch at 11:30 on NewsChannel 11.

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