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Baby Shower to Benefit Low Income Women

You're invited to a baby shower this Thursday. Normally, something like that celebrates one special mother to be, but this is a really big shower planned to benefit about 1,200 new moms. It is made possible thanks to a non-profit organization called the Stork's Nest.

"Lubbock has a high prenatal birth rate and prematurity birth rate. We wanted to try and help lower that through the Stork's Nest. They try to make sure that low income women or women without insurance try to get good prenatal care, parenting classes, and that their new born get the immunizations," says Dr. Linda Brice, an assistant professor at Texas Tech's School of Nursing.

This baby shower is a great incentive for these women. You see, the women, and some are young girls, can purchase all sorts of baby items and equipment from the donations given to this shower. But instead of money, they "buy" things according to how many points they've earned by prenatal visits and other efforts to take care of their pregnancies.

"They teach you from how to eat healthy to pre-term labor to why not to do drugs or why not to drink, and basically they're really helpful," says Amanda Gonzalez, an expectant mother.

In order for this baby shower to be helpful, the Stork's Nest is trying to raise $2,500 in cash donations and $7,500 worth of new baby items. This is where you can help.

If you would like to donate cash or new baby items to the community baby shower for low-income moms, you can call (806) 743-2730 or stop by the baby shower on Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. at the Texas Tech Health Science Center, and you'll see baby shower signs telling you where to go.

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