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Sexual Predator Claims to Be Stormchaser

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Reports have just surfaced today (Tuesday) along with a composite sketch of the man Lubbock police are looking for. He is posing as a NewsChannel 11 stormchaser and in the reports, the victim claimed he took her storm chasing.

The man Lubbock police are looking for is described as a white male, approximately 40 to 50-years-old 5'9" to 6'0" tall, medium to muscular build, weighing 190-220 pounds with short dark hair with a lot of gray in it. The suspect claimed to be a stormchaser for NewsChannel 11.

Detective Tal English calls this an unusual case. "It was unusual in the sense as this person went to the extent of portraying himself as someone he was not. Most of the assaults are people who know each other or come in real quick and it's over," English said.

Detective English says the victim, who's identity is being protected, says she met the suspect at a job fair in May. She then told police the suspect took her to dinner May 15th and could have slipped something into her drink. She says the suspect drove her to a residence on University, South of 82nd Street where he sexually assaulted and beat her.

The suspect is still at large and has been ruled out as a NewsChannel 11 stormchaser. "We've been working with and cooperating with LPD with this investigation. We understand all of our employees have been cleared as suspects. Obviously, someone is taking advantage of our credibility, so I'm asking for our viewers to do is to take a look at this sketch and call the Lubbock Police Department if they can help," said Benji Snead, NewsChannel 11 News Director.

Police say the suspect drives a 2000-2002 Silverado four-door black pick-up truck. This suspect is calling himself "Kyle Perkins." If the name sounds familiar it is because we have a stormchaser by the name of Ken Perkins. The suspect is saying Ken is his brother. But Ken does not have a brother.

According to police, the victim spent some time with the suspect and was able to remember what the man looked like. Police showed the victim pictures of NewsChannel 11 stormchasers and police say she was not able to recognize them.

If you have any information, call Tal English at (806) 755-2414.

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